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Maximising Our Reach - The Reach Out Process

Within a day we came up with the name a logo started a Instagram page, started building a website and from there we started to reach out. We must have contacted everyone!

We reached out to registrars, wedding venues, brides, grooms, anyone who used the hashtag bride, bridetobe, bridetobe2023, hendo we reached out too. Thinking about it now, we must have looked like a bunch of crooks.

We thought right how can we get someones attention... well everyone loves a free service/assistance, don't they ? So we started off relying on Isaacs wedding videography experience and started to generate messages that we could send to anyone we could find, and we tried our best to try and tailor it to the person we was reaching out too. We started off with already established photographers and videographers, the message read:

Good Morning,

I hope all is well, my name is Courtney, I am a photographer of 5 years who has started working with my partner (Isaac) who's a videographer of 6 years. Together we have created Reel Weddings. We are fairly new to the wedding industry and are looking for some guidance/experience on how to conducted a successful wedding business. We’ve come across your profile, and we absolutely love your style of work and are intrigued to know/learn more. If possible, it would be great if you could either share some top tips/pointers with us to how you got where you are today or even better if we could shadow you and get some hands on experience from you !!!

We completely understand that you are probably very busy at the moment and are very grateful for any form of response.

We are looking forward to hearing from you,

Warmest Wishes,

Courtney & Isaac

Reel Weddings”

Before we jumped in the deep end with a soon to be married couple we thought to try and reach out to professions in our field first to see if I could get any wedding photography experience. As presumed, we got nothing back and the first consultation was in less than 24 hours away and we needed to try and squeeze something in ASAP, so we decided to dive in and send out a new message to engaged couples/ soon to be Mr & Mrs’.

The message read:


Here is an email that was sent to a fellow potential clients.

We were then left with no other option but to cross our fingers and toes and pray… Jesus takes the wheel!

Consultation day:

The Day of the first consultation was here, you guys really missed my ‘I couldn’t wait face’, I was BRICKING IT ! The faster 8pm was approaching the more my stomach was turning, I was just hoping that we had enough time to get a booking before this bride and grooms’ big day.

I took the lead on this consultation as I knew how nervous Courtney was and this was not my first wedding consultation. As you guys know, I used to be a videographer for another wedding company so during that period of time I was always talking to the couples, going through the breakdown of their day, and getting to know them a little so I wanted to show Courtney that is really was nothing scary.

Once the consultation was up me and Courtney spoke, and we compared notes as I wanted to see if she understood what was expected of a ‘wedding consultation’ and have a moment to call her a big drama queen !

I remember just sitting in the background while Isaac was talking to the groom taking notes on what to ask and realised that the meeting wasn’t as scary as I played it out to be… don’t tell him but he was right I was just being a drama queen!

The important details were shared and straight away we were at ease as we found out the wedding was in July, we had time on our side and all we had to do was continue to reach out to vendors and couples.

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