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What to expect when you Research

Video after video, post after post, we spent the next following weeks studying how other cinematic vendors drew in their clients, created a form of engagement, and interacted with their followers/clients. One thing we was sure of was that we wanted to break away from this ‘client…vendor’ persona that was mainly being presented. Being a coupe ourselves we wanted to make sure our viewers and clients could relate and understand us and know that we listen and understand them. In order to do this, we remembered small things/events that were taking place in our couples lives that was mentioned during consultations and asked them about it. We found out their hobbies, talents or favourite colour and made sure we brought them a little ‘Thank You’ gift when meeting them. Even after their wedding we still to this day check up on them, make sure they and their families are well. The more we thought about it the more we realised that we don’t only spend the following couple months/years getting to know these two people… but we spend one of the biggest days in their lives capturing them and their family. We interact with their family members why the couple are away engaged in their own

We figthat there was a recurring theme of photographers and videographers not really showcasing the bonds and connections that they have formed with their clients, and we felt as though the

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