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Why Isn't Anyone Responding? The Challenge of Navigating Radio Silence in the Reach Out Process.

We spent the rest of April with our eyes glued to out laptops and mobile phones reaching out, determined to book our first wedding. Email after email, DM after DM we tried to stay as positive as we could in hope that we could get something. May 7th, 2023, we receive and email it read:

The email that was sent to us by one of our lovely couples.

We must have gotten the email late the night before because I remember waking up to the notification on my phone, I was in genuine shock I had to read it a couple times first then once it sunk in, I shook Isaac awake screaming “We’ve gotten our first booking !!!!!!!”.

I just remember waking up hearing Courtney ranting on about something… bearing in mind, I had just woken up so I couldn’t make out what she was saying a couple minutes later once I gained some form of consciousness, I remember making out the words ‘booking’ and I was like ‘Wait what? We’ve got our first booking’ and from there I was just filled with proudness and belief that we were onto something... this was going to be the start of me and Courtney’s breakthrough.

May for us was a real blessing we started receiving enquiry after enquiry from our reach-outs:

A Set of Direct Messages that was sent via Instagram from our fellow bride to be's.

The adrenaline of motivation and hope that came with these responses was motivational, we never stopped we just kept going and going and going ! yeah, we got what we was after but we just knew we could do more, do better. We started to venture into different platforms such as Tiktok, Youtube and Instagram to see and learn from other cinematic vendors how we can be better, how we can get our first paid booking, how to boost our reach. We honestly knew at this point we would not stop which was good as a process like this requires a lot of perseverance and dedication.

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