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Penniless to Prosperous - The Start of Reel Weddings

It all started out around early April 2023. I had spent that last 7 months applying for work as a graduate which believe it or not was harder than I thought, the competition was strong and every creative graduate was in the same boat as me. One night myself and Isaac were sat in his apartment at the time really caught up on how we can financially work things out to get a new place. Isaac has just left his previous job as a wedding videographer and his freelance videography job was starting to fall silent, I had just graduated from university and was in the process of finishing my graduate styling job and my freelance photography work also started to fall dry, honestly, we were both on the threshold of financial panic. We both were non-stop applying for jobs, stressing, and quite frankly fed up with getting a radio silence response to our applications. We just needed something, anything to give us some form of money to see us through… there was nothing. Our motivation was starting to evaporate along with our determination of applying for work. Until one night Isaac got an enquiry on his freelance music videography page,

“Hey me and my partner absolutely love your work, we know you’re a music videographer, but we were wondering if you did wedding videography as well?”

I went to Courtney, and I must have said ‘Babe, what do you think about taking wedding photos?’ I remember straight away she was like ‘Oh my gosh, taking photos of someone’s wedding! That’s big, that’s so big, I don’t know if I can do that’.

Me being me I went along with the enquiry because deep down I believed in her talent and knew that we could really pull this off.

When Isaac came to me, I just remember my body being filled with such anxiety, being a female myself I can only imagine the emotion and hype that comes with seeing your wedding photos and I didn’t mean to put myself down because I had been a professional photographer for years it was just the fact that it was for such a big event, that’s what was throwing me off.

‘Mid April is when the first consultation is, do you think you can do this?’… I’m not going to lie to you guys that question still rings in my head to this day! I remember being like right I have got this … I … HAVE… GOT …THIS… I have not got this, I have got this. I was just constantly battling myself going backwards and forwards and I know Isaac could see it.

Me and Courtney had so many conversations on the build-up to the consultation regarding whether she could do this or not. Quite frankly it was beginning to annoy me only because it was frustrating seeing her like that, these times she spent more time talking herself out of it rather than believing in herself. It got to a point where I had to think right, what can I do to make her feel more comfortable because clearly my reassurance wasn’t working.

The following week and a bit were a headache for me, I had Isaac in one ear telling me ‘You can do it’ and I had my doubts in the other going ‘This is big, I don’t know’. I remember him asking me ‘What can he do to make this doubt go away?’ and I said to him ‘It’s not you it’s me… I need to believe in myself’ So we then came up with the decision to try and get some practice in more me.

As we didn’t know anyone who was getting married, and Isaac was no longer working for his previous wedding videography company we started to face another challenge. The first consultation was approaching, and we were still umming and arhh’ing on our decision. Now honestly, I can’t remember who, Isaac will swear it was him, but for the sake of this I’m just going to say ‘one of us’ decided that we should start own wedding business… from there, we were on a mission.

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