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Keeping It 'Reel'

Welcome to Reel Weddings - Keeping It 'Reel' Blog !

For those of you who don’t know us, we go by the names of Courtney & Isaac, we are a dynamic duo of professional videographers/photographers of 7+ years. We are not just your average work duo, we are also a couple, which means we have to tolerate each other after working hours as well!

We really want to connect with our audience and give you guys an insight of our day to day work life. We thought what better way than virtually to bring you guys along our new journey, here you will read about our highs, lows, business adventures that we have gotten up too and so much more! Everything you read here is 100% authentically real as they are events that we have experienced first-hand during our fairly new business adventure. We are super excited to kick start this new avenue and we can’t wait to bring our innovative expertise’s to not just your wedding but the wedding industry itself.

Throughout our profession we have taken on a diverse range of projects and have gained a plethora of knowledge and skill in the cinematic industry. We are fairly new to capturing weddings however that has not intimated us in anyway if anything it has sparked up a drive in us to show our clients why we are different from the rest!

Being a couple ourselves we understand the importance of capturing a wedding day and creating memories that last a lifetime. We make sure we capture all the little moments of our client’s big day. We strive to capture the emotion and atmosphere of their wedding day as we want to create a beautiful story that they will forever be able to share with their friends and family.

We can't wait for you guys to have an insight on our day to day work life as we keep it reel with our reader about what it takes to work with your life partner and run a wedding photography/videography business.

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